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Mexico Says 'Hola' To New Label Standards


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Mexico Says 'Hola' To New Label Standards

Ministry Of Health Publishes New Standards On Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic labels have been something of a contentious issue recently with health advocates decrying marketing practices on labels. Now, the Mexican government has issued a new set of standards for labeling pre-packaged cosmetics to ward off instances of misbranding and mislabeling.

The new standard outlines fixed requirements and recommendations to ensure cosmetic products enter the Mexican market under regulations enforced by the federal government. Several U.S. companies engage in trade and commerce with Mexico, and the new standards have the propensity to affect firms like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Litany Of New Labeling Requirements
The standard, "Labeling of pre-packaged cosmetic products, Health and commercial labeling," is now included in the ministry's official handbook and includes the following requirements:

• All labels must include the generic name for use. For example: conditioner, styling, mascara, scrub, cleanser. Companies aren't advised to riff on traditional names, like labeling a product "Underarm odor eliminator" instead of "Deodorant."
• Using texts, names, trademarks, images and other signs to promote unapproved uses is banned.
• Information must be clearly printed in Spanish.
• Individual containers of packages must display consistent labeling with that of the parent container or package.