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Meat Maker Hams it Up After Going Private Label


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Meat Maker Hams it Up After Going Private Label

Private labels, the store-brand versions of popular food and drink, are gaining traction among many consumers as a way to save money.

Alexander & Hornung — a Michigan meat business — is a private label food producer, meaning the company processes meat for various private labels. Alexander & Hornung didn't always go that route. In fact, the company used to produce its own branded products.

While the transition has gone well, the company has noted a few disadvantages of going private. For example, because Alexander & Hornung isn't noted on product labels, the company has struggled to develop a strong brand presence.

However, the business has largely managed to survive the ordeal by producing new, in-demand meats. For example, the company has moved into halal meats and some specialty items, like hot franks.

As Alexander & Hornung has shown, the product label is more than just an identifying piece of paper slapped on the sides of goods. It can play a pivotal role in developing a strong, well-known brand reputation, and businesses need to keep that in mind as they develop their labels.