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Marathon Custom Stickers Off And Running


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Marathon Custom Stickers Off And Running

Custom Stickers On Car Bumpers A Tradition

Custom stickers on car bumpers is a great American forum to express opinions and views. Outside of PTO meetings, town hall debates and the backyard barbecue, bumper stickers have long told us who the owner of the dusty, green Toyota Camry brakes for and what presidential candidate a driver intends to vote for.

But a new trend has cropped up on the back windshields, bumpers and trunks of cars across the country. At first glance, they are rather cryptic looking stickers: Circles or ovals with seemingly arbitrary numbers like 13.1 placed in the center in big, bold font. And those outside the know are just itching to understand what the stickers mean.

Marathon Sticker Labels Newest Trend
Turns out, those sticker labels aren't coded messages, but pride stickers for marathoners. The numbers inside the circle or oval signify the longest distance race a runner has completed in miles.

Common stickers include 3.1 (a 5k), 6.2 (a 10k) and 13.1 (a half marathon). The vaunted 26.2 is reserved for those who have run a full marathon. But it doesn't end there, the most dedicated marathoners can take part in ultra marathons and run up to 100 miles.

The geometric design of the sticker also carries an implication to the type of race run. Circles are for straight marathons, ovals for multi-sport events. An oval with 140.6 means completion of an Ironman Triathlon, or 70.3 for a Half Ironman Triathlon.