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Many Allergens Go Unlisted on Food Packaging


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Many Allergens Go Unlisted on Food Packaging

To make life easier for those with food allergies, many products now feature an "allergy box" label that outlines what may cause an allergic reaction. However, some consumers claim the labels don't list all of the products that may induce a reaction, thereby making them "irrelevant."

Manufacturers and grocers that have recently come under fire include U.K.-based The Co-Operative Group and Lamond the Baker, both of which failed to list egg as a potential allergen on their labels. The groups both claim they're in the clear, though, since they list egg in their ingredients list. Additionally, manufacturers aren't legally required to list allergens in a separate box, the BBC reported.

"I'm now not confident these allergy boxes are any use because I'm going to have to go through every single ingredients list and double-check," Chloe Homewood-Allen, whose daughter is allergic to egg, told the BBC. "That really worries me. If they get the allergy box wrong, it could be fatal."

Mislabeling has been an issue worldwide recently. ConsumerLabs recently discovered that one in three vitamin manufacturers list nutrients their products do not actually contain. Additionally, many organic cosmetics companies are selling products some groups claim aren't truly organic.