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Manufacturers Propose 'Made in California' Custom Labels for Products Created in State


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Manufacturers Propose 'Made in California' Custom Labels for Products Created in State

Custom Labels for Products Made in California Might be on Horizon

The success of the "Made in America" custom labels for products manufactured within the country helped drive companies to come home to meet consumer demand for American-made products. Now some Californian manufacturers are urging the state legislature to adopt a "Made in California" bill to promote state-made projects. According to The Los Angeles Times, Democratic State Sen. Ellen Corbett proposed legislation that requires the governor's business development office to create a plan to promote the state's environmentally friendly policies, one of which is the new sticker.

Products May Boost Awareness of State's Eco-Friendly Labels California takes pride in the state's commitment to create energy-efficient products that meet the standards for eco-friendly labels. The LA Times reports the legislation is currently before the Senate Appropriations Committee but might not be entirely feasible for the state, as many manufacturers work in multiple states.

Jock O'Connell, international trade expert with Beacon Economics, told the newspaper that the legislation is a good idea but would be difficult to enforce and regulate.

"I really see a good intention here," O'Connell said, "but it's a piece of legislation that in practice is nearly impossible to implement."

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