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Mamma Mia! More Olive Oil Labels On The Way


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Mamma Mia! More Olive Oil Labels On The Way

European Producers Agree To More Food Labels

EVOO is one of the most recognizable of all food labels. Thanks to the rise in popularity of TV cooking shows, EVOO - or extra-virgin olive oil - is now a common household abbreviation. Olive oil users may also have more labels to memorize after a meeting of European olive oil producers ended with the group supporting measures for new labeling initiatives.

According to The Olive Oil Times, the European farmer federation Copa-Cogeca approved new labeling requirements proposed by the European Commission that would affect font, dates and type of olive oil on labels.

New Food Labels Supported To Help Consumers
One of the big possible changes to food labels for olive oil is standardizing the writing and placement of the "best before by" dates placed on the labels. However, The Olive Oil Times said that while producers were supportive of this measure, they weren't so keen on putting the harvest year on labels.

Olive oil makers also supported the elimination of the terms "suave" (mild) and "intenso" (intense, strong) because they can lead to consumer confusion. The new labeling requirements also stipulated that the origin of the olive oil will be placed on the front label, not the back, and written in font of at least 5mm, as opposed to the previous requirement of 2mm.