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Making Waves this New Year's Eve


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Making Waves this New Year's Eve

Making Waves this New Year's Eve

Personalize New Year's Celebrations

The time of the year for celebration has arrived, and individuals and businesses from across the country are likely ironing out the details of their plans to ring in 2016 in fun and unique ways. If you manufacture or distribute products that are popular for New Year's festivities, including wine and champagne, you might want to consider the merits of customizing your labels for these items to ensure that they fly off the shelves at the end of December.

Personalization has been a key to success for businesses of all types in the past few years, and one of the best ways to keep these strategies fresh is to align custom labels with specific events or campaigns, in this case those related to New Year's. With custom wine labels, you will be sure to please the average consumer and become a part of their celebration, thus boosting the brand's image in the eyes of current customers and building stature among prospects who are also in attendance at the parties.

Custom Champagne Labels

There is perhaps no beverage more popular on New Year's Eve than champagne, with many parties only having bottles of this decadent item available for patrons to enjoy. If you distribute or manufacture champagne in the United States, you can customize the wine bottle labels in accordance with the preferences of your target market. For example, if you want to recognize them right on the product packaging, customized wine labels that say "thank you" or some similar form of gratitude will do just that.

You could also take a more extreme angle on these processes, personalizing the wine bottles for individual customers, especially if they have been loyal to your brand for long periods of time. This could include putting their names on the bottles or allowing them to order the product and make their own decision as to how it will be personalized. Either one of these methodologies will likely improve the relationship between you and your customers, all the while showing the merits of becoming a loyal client among your prospects.

Above all else, though, make sure the designs are festive and not boring, as they need to pop to have these desirable impacts.

Use the Right Provider

Custom labels, when not acquired from the right service provider, can be inaccurate, not aligned with the original design schemes or returned long after they are needed. However, once you get the ball rolling on your custom wine and champagne bottle packaging initiatives for the new year, you can use Lightning Labels, a leading vendor of personalized stickers, decals and labels, to ensure the projects are completed properly and in a timely fashion.

Hitting the ground running in 2016 should be a priority for all brand managers this December, and unique, engaging and fresh customization efforts in product packaging can be just what the doctor ordered to do so.

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