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Makeup Labels Get a Makeover


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Makeup Labels Get a Makeover

Cosmetics have been at the center of a number of labeling controversies. However, the industry is trying to change and become more transparent.

For example, WPLG-TV recently reported that a number of beauty products, ranging from lipsticks to lotions, are now advertising the fact they are gluten-free.

"I think gluten-free is something we'll see more of as more people kind of go through the process and have symptoms and go to the doctor and find out they're allergic to gluten and wheat," Shannon Kraft-Dalbo, manager of GBS beauty supply in Fort Lauderdale, told the news source.

This will help people with gluten-related allergies make better purchase decisions and avoid products that could give them skin rashes or other reactions. Kraft-Dalbo also suggests consumers avoid other so-called natural ingredients, such as menthol and eucalyptus, if they are prone to allergies.

Some makeup products use harmful ingredients without noting such on labels. For example, the state of California recently identified several nail polishes that contain unlisted toxins.