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Maine Restaurants Don't Display Consistent Caloric Labeling


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Maine Restaurants Don't Display Consistent Caloric Labeling

In an effort to combat rising obesity rates across the country, some states have issued caloric labeling laws at restaurants. Although many states have pushed for these regulations, not all have followed through.

In Maine, caloric labeling laws were passed in February. However, according to The Bangor Daily News, consistent labeling doesn't appear in all restaurants as the state's Department of Health and Human Services doesn't enforce it. The source reported that Maine is awaiting federal regulations on the labeling. However, it is unlikely that it will be announced until the end of the year. 

Within the country's healthcare reform bill is a provision making it mandatory for restaurants to label calorie counts on all menu items. Consumers were allowed until June 6 to comment on the regulations online. Final details are now being ironed out, and all restaurants must be compliant by 2012.

The move is facing mixed reviews from critics. Some claim that simply putting a number on a menu will have little impact on consumers' dietary habits, and the greater challenge will remain in educating Americans on healthy eating and calorie intake, The Commercial Appeal reported.