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Lupe Fiasco Promotes Album with QR Code on NYC Building


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Lupe Fiasco Promotes Album with QR Code on NYC Building

To promote his new album, Lasers, Lupe Fiasco has projected a giant QR code onto the side of a building. The QR is located in the highly populated Union Square in New York City.

In order to begin interacting with the code, consumers must download the technology onto their smartphone using RedLaser, which evidently allows QR codes to be read at a distance. Scanning the code is a pre-order for Fiasco's album and includes additional content that will be delivered to consumers weekly until the album's released.

The musical artist promoted the code on his Twitter feed, telling his followers the location and time and to look into the sky. A second tweet told them the exact cross streets of a building and to "look up on the side of [it.]"

However, his marketing tactic did receive its critics. According to NYU Local, passerby spent over ten minutes gazing into the sky before Fiasco tweeted a second time and after a few moments of looking at the QR code, most of the crowd walked away unimpressed.