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Looking for Love with Stickers


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Looking for Love with Stickers

I came across this amusing article recently from our friends across the pond. Just in time for Valentine's Day, a Welsh dating site has teamed up with a milk producer to put "dating stickers" on milk bottles. All five people (three men and two women) featured on the stickers are farmers in rural Wales who are also part of an online dating service.

Apparently the stickers were applied by hand on the milk production line, although there is no word on the size of the print run. Now, this is a novel way to look for a date, but I am hoping this catches on here. This could become a new niche for Lightning Labels. And you don't have to stop at milk, I could see orange juice, bottled water, soda bottles, the sky is limit. Seriously though, this was a novel idea that produced some good publicity for the farmers, the dating web site, and the milk co-op.