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Linking Social Media Marketing and QR Codes


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Linking Social Media Marketing and QR Codes

As more marketers leverage quick response codes as a means to promote a variety of products and services, consumers are quickly catching up to speed. A recent survey conducted by MGH revealed that more consumers are picking up on QR codes, with 32 percent of smartphone users reporting that they have scanned a QR code before and 70 percent revealing that they are interested in interacting with them for the first time or once again.

Additionally, more than half of marketers – 53 percent – are using the codes to offer promotions and discounts, while 33 percent are leveraging them to encourage consumers to enter sweepstakes. Marketers are also driving social engagement with the 2-D barcodes and integrating them into their marketing efforts in a variety of other ways.

Driving social engagement via a QR code is especially useful for marketers, according to Resource Nation.

"Linking offline business and social engagement with QR codes can be extremely lucrative," Matt Krautstrunk wrote for the source. "Say for instance you have a really unique event sponsorship, and you want to drive people to learn more. Promoting a QR that directs a user to your Facebook 'Like' will build your community with valuable customers."