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"Limited Edition" Food and Beverage Labels


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"Limited Edition" Food and Beverage Labels

In a previous post I introduced you to an article I wrote about digital label printing. We have these amazing digital printing capabilities now with high tech label presses, but few businesses are taking advantage of them.

Here is an idea that came out of the recent DSCOOP conference. In the art industry the concept of a limited edition is widely practiced. An artist will authorize a small number of copies of their artwork and each piece will be numbered. With today's digital label printing technology this could easily be expanded to retail products. You could imagine a micro-brewery printing "limited edition" beer labels for a small run of holiday beer. They could have each bottle numbered - saying "Bottle 1 of 1200" for example.

This same concept could play out even better in the wine industry. There are hundreds of boutique wineries in this country, and they could play on their exclusivity by giving every bottle they sell a unique number. It could be the same idea as with the beer labels, or they could just display the number by itself. It could create some buzz for the wines in the retail stores.

Of course, there are hundreds of different products where you could do this, but beer and wine seem to me to be the most obvious. These are products that generate a great deal of passion among their customers, where exclusivity can be a real advantage.