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Lightning Labels Minimizes Cost of Reaching for the Stars


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Lightning Labels Minimizes Cost of Reaching for the Stars

Minimum Order Reduced from 100 to 50 Labels per Version

Ladder to the Stars - Lightning LabelsIf you're a business owner, you know you need to take chances — lots of them — to be successful. Unfortunately, taking chances can become quite pricey. Thankfully, though, we've just lowered our minimum order from 100 to 50 labels per version. This is great news because it gives your business more opportunities to control costs and save money. Money you can use to start chasing your dreams (for real this time.) Ordering small quantities of labels allows you to manage your product label inventory more efficiently by minimizing storage space, reducing waste, and controlling purchasing costs. With our quick turnaround time (2 to 3 days following proof approval), you can order labels as you need them. This is good news not only for start-ups, but for any product manufacturer that could benefit from the ability to order 50 labels at a time. Health, beauty, and specialty food product makers come to mind since they have a large number of SKUs. Lower minimums also makes it more cost-effective to test new products and label designs, change product packaging, and jump right into seasonal labeling. Ch-ching! Now I have a question for you, and I want you to answer it honestly. Ready? Here it is:

Have you ever thought about expanding your offerings to include white labeling, promotional products, or personalization?

Take some time if you need to before answering. Did you answer yes? If you answered yes, I encourage you to go for it. Like right now! The hard truth is this: You may have a million ideas for growing your business, but the only good ones are the ones you try. The rest are worthless. So go ahead, get a quote for your small quantity label order now. It's the first step in getting your business ideas out of your head and into the marketplace — where they belong.