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Lightning Labels Customer Organizes Project for Female Soldiers in Iraq


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Lightning Labels Customer Organizes Project for Female Soldiers in Iraq



‘Freedom Feet 2009’ Extended Through Aug. 15


For the second year in a row, Lemongrass Spa has organized a project to provide female soldiers serving in Iraq with some much-needed attention from back home. The Lightning Labels customer hopes that “Freedom Feet 2009” provides 225 packages filled with Lemongrass Spa pedicure products and notes of encouragement to women soldiers stationed on the ground in Iraq.

So far, some 90 kits have been purchased. In hopes of reaching their goal, Lemongrass Spa has extended the project deadline through August 15.

Stefanie Van Ness, a Lemongrass Executive Director from Iowa, spearheaded Freedom Feet last year after realizing the need for it during her fives years as an Army wife.

“Soldiers receive many care packages during their tours in Iraq, and that is amazing. But I know that most of those packages are geared towards men,” Ness said.

The first year of Project Freedom Feet was a success, resulting in 125 foot pampering kits being sent to female soldiers who spend their time in Iraq in heavy combats in hot, dusty conditions that ravage their feet.

“These women really deserve this pampering, and they really appreciate it,” said Lemongrass Spa Founder Heidi Leist.

Bridget Keenan is one such example.

“Thank you so much for the Lemongrass Spa Products. My feet were transformed in an instant! A perfect ending to yet another long day in heavy socks and combat boots,” Keenan wrote in a note to Lemongrass Spa after receiving one of their care packages. “It means so much to many of us to see such a great support to our troops. You truly made many female soldiers smile over here. Thank you.”

Each Freedom Feet Foot Kit containers a Lemongrass Spa Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Foot Crème, cotton towel, foot brush with pumice, travel bag, and message of appreciation which may be personalized with the sponsor’s personal or business name. This year, Lemongrass Spa is donating one Freedom Foot Kit for every six that are purchased. Each kit costs $43, including shipping and handling. Freedom Foot Kits may be ordered online or through a Lemongrass Spa consultant.

We here at Lightning Labels are always interested in learning how our customers are helping to make the world a better place. To let us know what your company is doing, please contact Lightning Labels.