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Custom Labels & Stickers Help Consumers Make Heart-Healthy Choices


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Custom Labels & Stickers Help Consumers Make Heart-Healthy Choices

Happy Heart Month!  Are Your Custom Labels and Stickers Ready?

[caption id="attachment_4990" align="alignleft" width="300"]American Heart Month and Custom Labels and Stickers Help consumers celebrate heart health throughout the year with custom labels and stickers.[/caption]

Millions of consumers are focused on their hearts this month, but not just in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Health organizations have named February American Heart Month to raise awareness of heart disease and healthy living.

Every year, more than 700,000 people in the U.S. have a heart attack and roughly 600,000 die from heart disease, making it the leading cause of fatality in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Organizations and brands have taken the opportunity to embrace Heart Month by educating followers and helping them make healthy lifestyle changes.

Why Should My Printed Labels and Stickers Market Heart Health?

There are many reasons why marketing around Heart Month and other healthy causes is a good idea. First, it gives consumers a better understanding of your brand's personality. By encouraging heart awareness on your printed labels and stickers, you're showing consumers the cause is important to your company and that you care about consumers' health. In addition to boosting your brand's reputation, this helps shoppers understand that you are a reliable health resource and that your products are a part of a positive lifestyle.

Meanwhile, revamping your packaging is a great way to reel in new customers and remind existing consumers of the value of your products. For example, changing your label background color to bright red for Heart Month is sure to catch shoppers' attention.

Finally, because digital printing makes temporary design changes extremely easy and affordable, there's no reason not to try a new temporary packaging design.

3 Ways to Show Your Love for Heart Month with Custom Packaging Ideas

To give your products a makeover that will attract consumers and boost your brand cred during Heart Month, consider the following custom packaging ideas:

1. Add a Splash of Color Red isn't just the color of heart month - it's an extremely powerful color, and seeing red can increase a person's breathing and pulse rate. It's no wonder advertisers love it! Red can stimulate a variety of feelings and sensations, including energy, appetite and urgency, according to ThinkQuest. Throwing a lot or just a hint of red into your labels could boost your product's visibility and appeal.

2. Use Text To Educate Consumers Consider incorporating a small amount of text in your product's packaging to explain Heart Month and how your product fits into a healthy lifestyle. Remember to keep phrases short, unique and intriguing. It's a good idea to highlight any special product ingredients and use buzzwords related to wellness, health and weight loss.

3. Take Consumers Beyond February Sure, February is the official month for heart health, but that doesn't mean you can't help consumers get and stay healthy throughout the year. Consider changing up your custom labels periodically to include different inspirational quotes related to well-being or give exercise tips. Digital printing can place high-quality images and texts on labels, so don't limit your brand's marketing capability by keeping packaging too simple or ordinary. For food items, consider creating a healthy recipe that features your product and showcase it on the back of packaging.

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