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Lean Labels: Nutritionists Advise on Making Good Food Choices


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Lean Labels: Nutritionists Advise on Making Good Food Choices

A New York Stop & Shop grocery store is having nutritionists inform shoppers how to make better food decisions by looking at labels, LoHud reports.

The New York Health Department is trying to convey to customers that they can still eat healthy without breaking the bank. One strategy offered by nutritionist Michelle Kleinman was to look at product labels and serving sizes to determine how much food they are getting per purchase. Residents who participate in the program will be provided a booklet with additional healthy eating tips.

"We want to show people how far their food dollars can go," Kleinman told the news source. She also noted how many consumers make the mistake of paying big money for brand-name products, which often are no more nutritious or tasteful than store-brand goods.

Kleinman was quick to point out that labels can also reveal interesting facts about food products — for example, one diabetic resident had no idea how much sugar two tablespoons of Nutella contained.

Many food companies are trying to make nutritional values more readily apparent. For instance, the Facts Up Front initiative aims to make key information points - such as fat content and calorie counts - visible on the front of packaging.