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Lawyers Look to Clarify GameStop Sales Practice with Labels


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Lawyers Look to Clarify GameStop Sales Practice with Labels

GameStop, a used video game retailer, is on the wrong end of a lawsuit that may require the brand to add new labels to previously owned products.

A number of video game makers offer free promotional levels and game modes to first-time buyers that can be redeemed once after purchase. However, if these customers sell the games back to GameStop, subsequent buyers have to pay extra for this same content.

To make this practice evident to second-hand purchasers, law firm Baron and Budd opened a class-action lawsuit against GameStop to force the company to disclose this information on labels. Plaintiffs — people who bought second-hand games thinking this content would be free — are also slated to receive a $15 kickback in the form of coupons and checks from GameStop.

The labeling component of the lawsuit will last for two years and will only affect GameStop locations in the state of California.

The video game industry is also the subject of another labeling controversy. Federal lawmakers want to force software publishers to print labels on products that warn users of the potential danger of violent content to children.