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Laptops in India May Soon Need Star of Approval


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Laptops in India May Soon Need Star of Approval

Brands hoping to sell laptops in India may have new labeling policies to deal with, as the country is looking to mandate Energy Star-like labels.

Right now, the star label program is implemented on a voluntary basis. The labels denote energy efficiency, with a five-star rating signifying savvy energy use. However, the Union Power Ministry's Bureau of Energy Efficiency is looking to take the next step with the program and make it mandatory.

"Ordinarily, a period of five years is allowed in the voluntary phase before labels and the corresponding energy efficiency standards are made mandatory," Mr. Narayanan, head of the energy efficiency firm Energy Management Center, told IBNLive.

Star labels are currently compulsory on products such as frost-free refrigerators, air conditioners, tubular fluorescent lamps and distribution transformers. Televisions, laptops and ceiling fans, on the other hand, are currently using the program on a voluntary basis.

Energy efficiency is quickly becoming a central issue for many electronics manufacturers. Consumers want products that aren't going to have a negative impact on the environment, and taking advantage of these programs is one way to capture more sales.