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Labels Go Energy Efficient


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Labels Go Energy Efficient

UK Trials Appliance Energy Cost Labels

Sustainability has become a massive trend, even in the label industry. Now, products of all sorts carry different green-minded labels informing consumers of their eco-friendly nature. But while many products boast their organic origins, not many have a label impacting a more legitimate environmental concern: energy use.

To help raise consumer awareness on the cost of energy, British retailer John Lewis has partnered with the UK government to trial a set of labels that would show purchasers how much it would cost to run a household appliance over the lifecycle of the product.

Similar To Norway Label Initiative
MSN UK noted the label program is similar to one launched in Norway, which detailed the same appliance lifetime running costs. Officials said the labels helped guide consumers to purchase goods that were better for the environment.

In an piece for, a subsidy of popular UK newspaper The Guardian, Gregg Barker, climate change minister, explained how the labels are just part of a larger process to help the country improve energy management and reduce costs.

"People want to see the energy savings they can make in a real, tangible way," Barker said. "[The Norway trial] showed that clear information and labeling led to a significant number of consumers purchasing goods that are more energy efficient."