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Label Typos Terrorize Terrific Products


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Label Typos Terrorize Terrific Products

Correct Label Mistakes To Preserve Quality Reputation

custom product labelsYou discover a typo on your freshly minted custom labels. Not desiring to spend the time, money and energy to redo and reaffix them, you conduct a straw poll to see if others notice the typo.

No one notices. Do you keep or discard the labels?

Discard. For many reasons, product label typos are not acceptable even if only a fraction of potential buyers notice.

Here are some reasons why:

1. People who do notice label mistakes typically don’t tell the manufacturer. Some will buy anyway; others will choose not to buy, figuring that if the label contains error(s), the sloppiness and lack of quality control may carry over to the product itself. Do oversights on labels translate to problems with product quality? In many cases, no. But, you’ll never know for sure how many sales you’re losing because of the perception that product quality may not measure up.

2. In this day and age of viral communications, it only takes one person to notice. Depending on the typo, you could find yourself on a “headlines” segment of The Tonight Show, where Jay Leno makes fun of mistake-prone ads, articles, etc. Or somebody in your industry’s online media may see it and publish an article about it. Then, of course, there’s the solo tweeter who can start a fast-moving communications wildfire.

3. If you let it go, you may also be sending a message to your workforce that mistake-prone mediocrity is acceptable. Is that a message you want to convey? Certainly, it wasn’t one that Johnson & Johnson wanted to let go a couple of years ago. In February 2011, announced, “J&J Recalls 667,632 Sudafed Packages Over Labeling Error...The cold medicine’s label includes an extra ‘not’ when directing patients ‘do not not divide, crush, chew, or dissolve the tablet,’…”.

4. By correcting the mistake (hopefully before word has spread to any appreciable degree), you support a culture of excellence—matching claims of quality with forthright action. And, if word has spread, owning up to it and correcting it quickly actually can create an opportunity out of a problem. Consumers will more quickly forgive, even admire, companies that acknowledge mistakes and use them as a teaching tool to improve.

Custom Labels Can Be Reprinted Quickly and Cost-effectively

In today’s world where custom digital label orders can be printed and shipped very reliably and rapidly, a label mistake doesn’t have to be a very costly error in terms of reputation or dollars-and-cents. In quantities from a few to 10,000, custom labels can be done right and at a price that can put a smile back on your face in no time.

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