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Label Says Next Year's 'Most American' Car is Japanese


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Label Says Next Year's 'Most American' Car is Japanese

The struggling economy has spurred many U.S. consumers to focus on "buying American," and nowhere is this more apparent than in the automobile industry.

Passed in 2005, the American Automobile Labeling Act requires vehicle manufacturers to provide product labeling that breaks down the percentage of U.S. and Canadian equipment present in the automobile.

However, surprisingly, the "most American" car for 2012 is not a classic American brand such as Ford, Chevrolet or General Motors — it's likely to be the 2012 Toyota Camry, the website The Car Connection reports.

The new gasoline version of the Camry will be made up of 92 percent North American-sourced parts, the website notes. Still, some consumers dispute whether the percentage featured on the window sticker indicates benefits to the U.S. economy if the manufacturer is foreign.

"[Those] who preach buying American tend to argue that what matters most isn't always the parts percentage, but that any profit from your purchase goes back to the home corporate office — in another country," The Car Connection writes. "Yet for those whose local and state economies have been affected positively by U.S. plants run by foreign automakers, it's hard to argue they aren't doing a lot of good, too."