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Killian's Forgoes Green for Red in St. Patty's Day Promotion


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Killian's Forgoes Green for Red in St. Patty's Day Promotion

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and a number of beer companies are rolling out green packaging and labels in celebration.

However, Killian's is taking a different approach by remaking its Irish Red packaging, Packaging Digest reports. The container displays its Irish heritage more prominently on the box, while also calling buyers' attention to changes made in the recipe.

"George Lett brewed a beer for his friends, and it's our friends we have in mind as we reintroduce the new look and taste of George Killian's Irish Red," says Katie Cowan, Killian's brand manager. "This is a more robust, more complex lager, but still balanced and easy to drink with friends. It goes great with a wide variety of popular pub food, like wings, burgers and fish and chips."

To celebrate both the makeover and St. Patrick's Day, the beer brand also launched a sweepstakes that will send fans of the brand to Ireland.

Product manufactures may enjoy brisk sales by redesigning products for relevant holidays. For example, many chocolate brands launched special Valentine's Day packaging last month.