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Jotaplast Hopes New Packaging Provides a Blast of Excitement


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Jotaplast Hopes New Packaging Provides a Blast of Excitement

Jotun, a paint manufacturer, has completely redesigned its product's packaging. Rather than selling paint in round cans, the company is using square cartons.

During the economic recession, consumer demand for Jotoplast fell off the charts. Jotun hopes the innovative new design will enable the product to catch eyes on shelves. It features a square carton with a bright yellow label, and comes in a variety of sizes.

"Jotaplast stands out in the new packaging due to its rectangular shape and big surfaces for decoration. Another advantage is the end user convenience it offers; it is easy to carry and the container is big enough to let the end user roll the paint on a roller directly from the container," Ole Anton Bakke, the packaging manager at Jotun, told PackagingDigest.

Bakke was quick to note the new package has other advantages as well. For example, the square cartons are more space efficient, enabling the company to stack more on pallets and reduce shipping costs.

When businesses are designing their products, it's crucial they consider both function and form. Not only does Jotun's new package stand out more, it's also more cost-efficient.