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Jerky Manufacturer Forced to Recall Products Due to Labels


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Jerky Manufacturer Forced to Recall Products Due to Labels

Recalls Are Often Caused by Inaccurate Product Labels
Product recalls can be costly, both in the sense that it requires brands to redesign their product labels and because it can lead to public relations issues if goods are improperly used. However, companies still print inaccurate labels all the time, which presents a huge problem for their end goals.

Jerky by Art, a New Mexico-based jerky producer, is one of the latest companies forced to recall products. The U.S. department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service found Jerky by Art's jerky contained wheat and anchovies, which are known allergens that were not noted on its product labels. The recall affects various product lines, ranging from small snack-sized bags to bigger containers.

Because the Jerky by Art products contain no identifying dates or codes on packaging, all products produced before September 12 are being recalled.

Save Money by Printing Accurate Custom Labels the First Time
Whether it is an established company or a startup, custom labels should be printed correctly and accurately before items ship to market. This can save organizations a lot of money in the long haul.

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