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Is There Wine in the Afterlife?


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Is There Wine in the Afterlife?


Apparently King Tutankhamen thought so. Just to make sure, though, he packed his own. Commonly known as King Tut, he ascended the Egyptian throne at the tender age of nine and was believed to be in his teens at the time of his death in 1352 BC. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage! Wine jars were discovered among the objects buried in the catacombs of his tomb, intended to accompany funerary meals that would ensure a pleasant afterlife. The jars contain some of the world’s oldest wine labels. Not only are they among the most ancient wine labels on record, they are some of the most detailed. The Boy King’s wine labels displayed enough information to meet the present day requirements of some countries’ wine label laws. One label, for instance, read “Year 5, Wine of the House-of-Tutankhamen Ruler-of-the-Southern-on, l.p.h. in the Western River. By the chief Vinter Khaa”. King Tut apparently not only wanted to ensure he would be able to drink wine in the afterlife, but he wanted to know exactly what he was drinking. Did he want to be able to pull out a particularly fine jar of wine for  one of those very special occasions one experiences following death? We will probably never know … What we do know is that reds were apparently Tut’s wine of choice, according to the scientists that studied residue left in the jars.  Among the residue, they found the chemical that imparts color to red wine, malvidin-3-glucoside, according an article published at Scientific American. This discovery was not exactly shocking, as many ancient Egyptian tomb paintings depict red and purple grapes being pressed.