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Is That Canadian Bacon? Live Animals Cause Label Conundrum


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Is That Canadian Bacon? Live Animals Cause Label Conundrum

Country-of-origin labels are gaining popularity as a means of promoting local producers over foreign countries.

However, as Canada has found, not everything fits perfectly into this new labeling practice. Back in 2008, the country passed a law mandating that any food labeled as "Made in Canada" had to contain 98 percent domestic ingredients. This led to some issues with the importation of livestock, such as chickens and cows, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has since ruled that cows must be in the country for 60 days before they can be counted as Canadian, but no legislation has been passed with regard to other animals.

"The Product of Canada guidelines did not explicitly deal with live animals when they were put in place. At that time, the application of the guidelines to imported animals was not highlighted as an issue," the organization told the news source.

Manufacturers throughout the world have noticed a significant upswing in sales after switching to domestic "Made in" labels, encouraging others to do so as well.