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Irish Breadmaker Sues Rival Over Similar Packaging


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Irish Breadmaker Sues Rival Over Similar Packaging

Irish brown breadmaker McCambridge has taken its rival, Brennan's, to court, accusing the firm of copying its packaging.

McCambridge, the market leader of brown soda bread, according to Business and Leadership, claimed Brennan's ispurposely attempting to confuse consumers with its similar packaging. The company also claims Brennan's is in breach of copyright.

According to Brennans, however, the firm was not trying to "pass off" its bread as McCambridge's. To refute that point, McCambridge set up a mock supermarket shelf in the court room. According to chairman of the firm, Michael McCambridge, supermarket retailers with decades of experience were mixing the two brands up.

"Counsel said Brennans accepted McCambridge's has a good reputation but contended its packaging was sufficiently distinctive," The Irish Times reported. "His client disputed that and had witness statements from consumers who reported confusion."

Lawsuits over similar product packaging and labels are not uncommon. Often, competitors take one another to court for stepping on one another's toes regarding similar logos and trademarks.