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IOM: Front-of-Package Translates to Front-of-Mind for Buyers


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IOM: Front-of-Package Translates to Front-of-Mind for Buyers

The Institute of Medicine has reasserted the importance of front-of-package labeling programs, as the group believes they will steer buyers to healthier choices.

Both the health advocacy groups and food manufacturers believe front-of-package labeling systems are beneficial to consumers. However, there is a divide between what the two sides consider healthy. Several food brands have come up with their own nutritional labeling system, but the IOM believes the various schemes will only serve to further confuse shoppers, Dairy Herd Network reports.

"Different companies have jumped in and sort of leap-frogged over the government," Ellen Schuster, a University of Missouri Extension associate, added. "Food companies have been coming up with all these different systems, but they're not consistent and, as you might imagine, they're setting up their own criteria."

The Facts Up Front program is one such effort that has gained awareness among major product manufacturers. Some grocers, such as Spartan Stores, have even begun using the scheme on their own products.