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Introducing PrintWiki - What on Earth is it?


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Introducing PrintWiki - What on Earth is it?

Adam Dewitz is a busy guy. He is a second year graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying Print Media, he is the author of the Printmode blog (a blog devoted to the printing industry), and now he has created PrintWiki - The Free Encyclopedia of Print. A wiki is basically just a type of web site that allows anyone to update the content - the most famous wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The PrintWiki website provides a collaborative platform that enables anyone to contribute to the collective knowledge of the printing and publishing community. The goal of the site is to provide a comprehensive, open source encyclopedia of printing and publishing. It is not completely unregulated, there is a group of people led by Adam who will review entries to maintain the integrity of the information. But it is up to people within the industry to get involved.

I have joined the PrintWiki community and I did my first entry on label unwind direction. Now, I will be contributing further entries as time goes on - my focus will be on the label industry. So if you are an expert in the print industry I encourage you to get involved. The more entries that are created the more useful it will be for everyone.