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Innovative Packaging Ideas


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Innovative Packaging Ideas

I recently wrote an article for an industry publication titled Innovative Packaging Ideas. There are 10 new ideas that anyone involved in package design can use. Here is a brief summary of the ideas:

1. Create a Reusable Package
2. Add a Little Extra
3. Make Design the Focus
4. Create Fun Packaging
5. Let Your True Colors Shine Through
6. Extend Your Labels with Sandwich Printing
7. Try the Metallic Look
8. Focus Your Packaging on a Specific Target
9. Merge Two Packaging Concepts
10 Look to Nature for Inspiration

The main purpose here is to get you to think more about your packaging. An innovative package can get your product noticed in the competitive retail marketplace. Take some of the ideas here and see if you can improve your own packaging. Remember, your packaging not only has to contain your product, it is your final marketing message to your customers. Look at what your competition is doing and make sure you deliver a strong message with your packaging.

Here is a link to the complete article.