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Innovation Discussed at Label Symposium


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Innovation Discussed at Label Symposium

I have just arrived back from the L&NW Symposium in Milwaukee where I gave a presentation on digital label printing. It was an excellent conference - unique because almost all the presenters were owners and operators of label printing companies. So we were listening to the ideas of our peers. The theme that came out of this conference was about bringing innovation into your business. My presentation shared the innovative ways we have marketed digitally printed labels which I will share with you in upcoming posts. Here are some of the pearls of wisdom I gathered from the other speakers:

  • Ideas for packaging innovation are everywhere. You can even look to nature for inspiration. Velcro is the perfect example, it came from Swiss inventor named George de Mestral, looking at how burrs stuck on his pants when he went hiking.
  • 70% of customers make their purchasing decisions at the shelf in the supermarket aisle. Innovation in your packaging can make or break your success on retail products
  • Color is the first thing that a consumer notices about packaging. Make sure your color represents your product in an appropriate way.
  • In the 1990’s innovation was most often associated with technology. In this decade it is associated with design.
  • Keep innovative ideas in your pipeline by having regular brainstorming sessions.
  • GE is the most admired company of all fortune 500 CEO’s. Why? Because GE is aggressive. They think big and then take big risks.

There were plenty of other great ideas that were shared by the speakers, but these are the ones I felt were most important.