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Illuminating New Light Bulb Label Policy to go Into Effect


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Illuminating New Light Bulb Label Policy to go Into Effect

A new light bulb labeling policy enacted by Congress is slated to go into effect on Sunday, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The new policy requires all light bulbs to be 25 percent more efficient, essentially banning the sale of the traditional Edison incandescent bulb except for those used in specific appliances. Additionally, light bulb labels must advise consumers of the enhanced product, informing buyers of their brightness, annual operating costs and expected life span.

"The labels apply to all light bulbs made or imported after Sunday, but the efficiency standards apply only to traditional 100-watt incandescents on that day," the news source explains. "The efficiency rules will begin applying to the old-fashioned 75-watt bulb in January 2013 and 40- and 60-watt bulbs in January 2014."

Retailers can continue to sell older light bulbs provided they were purchased before the new policy deadline. These older bulbs are less efficient because most of their energy produces heat, rather than light.