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Illuminating Considerations When Designing Labels


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Illuminating Considerations When Designing Labels

There is a lot more to label design that simply selecting the right graphics, colors and font, Packaging Digest suggests.

According to the news source, there are several other considerations manufacturers should make before finalizing their designs. One common misstep businesses make is assuming retailers may use the same light sources as their office. Realistically, retailers can use a variety of lights to allow for better visibility, which could skew how the label looks.

Many product manufacturers also forget to compare their products to a competitor's. Shipping a product to retail with a label that looks exactly like a rival's may have a severe impact on the manufacturer's brand. Companies should always strive to create a look that is unique — this will help develop the brand, rather than looking like a low-quality knock-off of competing goods.

With consumers beginning to pay more attention to labels, whether they are looking for notional facts or the sustainability of packaging materials, it's crucial that businesses enhance their design process to give their products the best chance of being purchased.