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Illinois Youth Combat Underage Drinking via Sticker Campaign


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Illinois Youth Combat Underage Drinking via Sticker Campaign

In an effort to help combat underage drinking, Rockford, Illinois, has kicked off a sticker initiative, led by youth of the region. Liquor stores in the area will place signage and window decals in prominent areas as a reminder of the consequences of selling alcohol to minors or purchasing it for someone who is under 21-years-old. Additionally, stickers will be placed on packages of alcoholic beverages.

More than 20 store locations have signed on with the youth-led endeavor as a way to prevent alcohol from ending up in minors' hands.

"Students have told us that during spring break, alcohol is more accessible," Delicia Harris, a prevention specialist for the city of Rockford, told the website My State Line.

"Adults are more willing to purchase it because they're just hanging around and have a lot of free time," she added.

The campaign, led by The Rockford Alcohol Free Teams Coalition, in partnership with the city's Human Services Department and its Youth Advisory, lines up with Alcohol Awareness Month, which begins this month.