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If You 'Pouch It,' It will Grow


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If You 'Pouch It,' It will Grow

Scotts Debuts New Packaging for Lawn Care Pouches

Scotts recently released new packaging for lawn care products that features a pouch for its lawn spreader system - an integral tool for dispersing the product.

The Scotts Snap Cartridge spreader system helps consumers dispense the proper amount of various lawn care products while providing no mess. The pouches are offered in eight varieties including lawn food, weed controls, crabgrass preventer and insect killer, PackWorld reported.

Scotts research showed that consumers found pouring products into the spreader and storing the product after use to be challenging. In response, the company came out with Snap Cartridges, the source reported.

"Another challenge, particularly for consumers who aren't experienced in lawn and garden fertilizing, is understanding the product instructions," Brad Schultz, Scott's research principal, told PackWorld. "Snap basically takes that anxiety away for the consumer because there are no settings. Each cartridge is preset for the product that's being dispensed."

A lawn always needs water, and the same goes for the person treating the lawn.

New Water Packaging
Icelandic Water Holdings recently announced new packaging that will better capture the brand's homeland.

The new bottle features Icelandic Glaciers and a rebranding voice that lends to the beauty of the country. It also displays a description of the 5,000-year history of the source of the water and emphasized pH information.