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'I Voted' Custom Stickers More Than A Mere Adhesive


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'I Voted' Custom Stickers More Than A Mere Adhesive

Voting Sticker Labels Seen As Reward For Enduring Long Election Season

"I Voted" sticker labels - thankfully - replaced nasty campaign ads as the ubiquitous political presence in American culture on Tuesday. Americans have finally been given a well-earned reprieve from the constant barrage of political ads that littered the airwaves for most of 2012. And their reward for braving the vicious election cycle? A sticker.

But it's much more than a sticker, it's a tangible relic that many Americans see as a coveted badge of honor signifying they did their moral duty to keep democracy running. Business Insider reported protests have been launched several times in New York to get the sticker issued after elections because the state does not currently give out stickers. Voters in Houston were also dismayed after polling places ran out of stickers this year.

Custom Stickers Help Get The Vote Out
The Atlantic also reported how the "I Voted" custom stickers actually do their own civic duty as a social motivator to vote.

After Switzerland created a vote-by-mail system to spur voter turnout, the opposite happened, as it instead declined in areas where the program was implemented. Economist Patricia Funk studied the effects and found it wasn't a simple case of time and cost relationship, but social pressures, like "I Voted" stickers, being the best get-out-the-vote mechanisms.