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Hyundai, Kia Roll Back MPG Labels


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Hyundai, Kia Roll Back MPG Labels

Car Companies Overstated Mileage On Labels

Label accuracy is becoming increasingly regulated. Food companies aren't the only ones watched for labeling either, as Hyundai and Kia were both forced to correct labels on their cars because of inaccurate mileage ratings.

The two largest South Korean car manufacturers, part of a Seoul-based conglomerate, must now re-label window stickers on the majority of their 2012 and 2013 models to reflect the true mileage ratings of their cars.

EPA Investigation Forced Label Corrections
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency carried out the label audit after it said it had received a number of consumer complaints on the mileage estimates for Hyundai and Kia cars. At its National Vehicle and Fuel Emission Laboratory, the EPA saw notable discrepancies between EPA test results and the mileage indicated on the window stickers.

"Consumers rely on the window sticker to help make informed choices about the cars they buy," said Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA's Office of Air and Radiation, in a statement. "EPA's investigation will help protect consumers and ensure a level playing field among automakers."

The EPA said most cars would see mileage ratings cut by one to two mpg, but the Kia Soul will have its highway rating slashed by six mpg.