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HP Improves Ink Manufacturing Process


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HP Improves Ink Manufacturing Process

I never really discussed here the ink we use in printing our labels. As you probably know we have two HP-Indigo WS4500 presses - the leading digital label printing press in the world. These presses use a very different ink from any other printing press. It is called ElectroInk, HP's patented liquid ink technology. This process uses electrical charges to control the location of the ink and it can print particles as small as one micron, smaller than competing digital printing technologies.

Anyway, last month HP announced that they have improved the manufacturing process involved in the production of this ink. They have designed new equipment to manufacture the inks that reduces the amount of energy needed by around 40%. This comes at a good time because the demand for digital printing is increasing rapidly. Here at Lightning Labels we are using almost double the amount of ink that we used just one year ago. HP is committed to reducing its energy use by 20% by 2010, so this announcement will certainly help that goal.