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How2Recycle Labels Gain More Traction


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How2Recycle Labels Gain More Traction

Yoplait, Estee Lauder Companies, Sealed Air, BJ's Wholesale Club and Ampac are just a few of the latest companies that have begun supporting the How2Recycle initiative.

How2Recycle is a voluntary recycling label that informs customers how to properly dispose of the products they have purchased. For example, a roll of paper towels may feature a label saying "paper carton" and the recycle label. On the other hand, a candy bar could say "foil seals" with the recycle label crossed out.

GreenBlue, the company that launched the initiative, believes more consumers would recycle their used products if they knew how to dispose of them properly and what could be recycled.

"Consumers are faced with a confusing landscape of material and recycling messages that are often inconsistent or misleading," says GreenBlue senior manager Anne Bedarf, who led development of the label for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. "We believe this label will help consumers and companies more effectively communicate recyclability and contribute to more successful resource recovery."

Several brands had already announced support of the labeling initiative, such as Microsoft, ConAgra Foods and Costco Wholesale, which suggests the movement is gaining traction among major companies.