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Honest Tea Hopes To Avoid Misleading Label Makeover


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Honest Tea Hopes To Avoid Misleading Label Makeover

In 2009, Tropicana's packaging label design makeover was widely criticized for its resemblance to a "generic bargain brand," The New York Times reports. As a result, the company reinstated the traditional image of an orange with a straw in it, and left many companies wondering how their brand updates could avoid a similar fate.

With this lesson in mind, Honest Tea is preparing to introduce new product labels that feature the fruits in the drinks cut open. These labels will hopefully prove more inviting to consumers, a separate article in the Times reports.

Seth Goldman acknowledged the disastrous example that Tropicana set, which ultimately resulted in slumping sales for parent company PepsiCo, by noting that any redesign can be a "little risky" and potentially misconstrued by consumers.

"You want to make sure you've got your best outfit on," said Seth Goldman, president and CEO of Honest Tea, told the Times. "It was not done without a great deal of hand-wringing. We went back to the drawing room several times."