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Home Depot Launches QR Code Marketing Initiative


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Home Depot Launches QR Code Marketing Initiative

Home Depot has launched a quick response code initiative, enabling consumers to receive product information, reviews and how-to guides from the retailer. The store has teamed up with Scanbuy, a mobile barcode platform developer, to launch the marketing campaign that will be featured in its print catalogs and on in-store displays.

"The main objective … is to further enhance the customer shopping experience by offering additional product and project know-how and increase customer conversion," said Tom Sweeney, senior director of online strategy at, to Direct Marketing News.

"By integrating our marketing message in an interactive manner, we will gain an understanding of what type of content drives the customer to interact with our brand both inside and outside the store," he added.

According to Sweeney, the codes will be featured on shelf items. When scanned by a consumer, they will see a video on ways to use that product, information from the supplier, usage guidelines, safety instructions or any other information that Home Depot chooses to associate with the product. They will also have the ability to make purchases after scanning the QR code, whether in-store or at home.