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Heinz Plants Environmental Initiative


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Heinz Plants Environmental Initiative

In a vow to be more environmentally responsible, Heinz Ketchup recently announced its Join the Growing Movement Campaign.

The initiative invites consumers to download a smartphone application and scan a Heinz Ketchup bottle that has the Join the Growing Movement label. By doing so, the participant is pledging to be more environmentally responsible and in return Heinz, along with The Nature Conservancy, will plant a tree for every pledge. They have promised to plant up to 57,000 trees.

"Heinz is committed to utilizing the best technology and innovations available to be as environmentally responsible as possible," said John Bennett, vice president - Foodservice Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces. "This program celebrates not only what Heinz is doing to be more sustainable, but also how everyone can do their part to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle."

The Heinz Ketchup PlantBottle is derived from sugar cane and is made from nearly 30 percent renewable material. The Coca-Cola Company developed the technology, which functions like other standard PET plastic bottles. The 20-ounce Heinz PlantBottle is currently offered in retail stores and restaurants and is 100 percent recyclable.