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Heinz Looks To Dip & Squeeze Out Lawsuit


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Heinz Looks To Dip & Squeeze Out Lawsuit

Heinz Being Sued For Dip & Squeeze Packaging

Scott White, an independent inventor, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Heinz, alleging that the ketchup manufacturing company stole his idea for its Dip & Squeeze packaging.

"This is another frivolous lawsuit and we will aggressively defend our position and demonstrate that the allegations are groundless and without merit," said Michael Mullen, Heinz vice president of corporate and government affairs. "As a leader in proprietary packaging innovation for more than a century, Heinz worked for years to develop its patented dual-function Dip & Squeeze package."

White said he invented the package after being frustrated with problems while eating fast food with condiments. He said he invented a container called the CondiCup, for which he filed a patent application in 2005. White said he developed a plan to pitch his idea to Heinz after reading a news article about the company attempting to reignite its relationship with McDonald's. However, he says that after meeting with the company he was turned away, only to learn four years later that Heinz was using the Dip & Squeeze packaging, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Kraft's Take On Patent Packaging News
Kraft encourages inventors to file patents before finding their inventions in packaging news like White did. Kraft states that an award up to $5,000 could be awarded to an inventor, if the individual submits an idea that isn't protected and the company decides to adopt it, the Wall Street Journal reported.