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Headache Meds Could Give Unwary Buyers More Than Head Pains


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Headache Meds Could Give Unwary Buyers More Than Head Pains

Canadian drugmaker Gravol recently launched a new multi-symptom product that promises to soothe consumers' headaches.

What it doesn't make clear on its labels, however, is the use of willow bark, which contains salicin. Salicylates, the family of medications salicin falls under, are also used in aspirin and as a result, people with allergies to aspirin may encounter unwanted side effects when using Gravol Multi-Symptom, Healthblog CTV News reports.

"The problem is that many people cannot take ASA," explains the news source. "Sometimes it's because they are allergic to it. For them, taking extra ASA — a well-known and effective blood thinner — can be risky."

The ASA warning is hidden away on the product's side panel, rather than in the ingredients section, which could confuse some potential buyers who don't read the full package.

For many pharmaceutical companies, labeling errors are a somewhat common source of product recalls. To avoid unnecessary expenses, brands should ensure their packaging is accurate before mass producing goods.