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Hawaiian Coffee Farmers Boycott Safeway Grocery Chain


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Hawaiian Coffee Farmers Boycott Safeway Grocery Chain

Hawaiian coffee farmers are calling for a national boycott of Safeway grocery stores. According to the Kona Coffee Farmers Association, the chain is "tarnishing the reputation" of the coffee beans grown on the island.

The association says the Safeway Select Kona Blend's label, which reads, "revel in the unmatched taste of savory beans from Hawaii's Big Island," doesn't actually reveal what percentage of its coffee is in the blend. Hawaiian coffee farmers believe it's not very much, The Honolulu Civil Beat reported, a speculation that was made after the association made a trip to California.

"Any reasonable consumer reading that package is going to believe that it's all Kona," said Bruce Corker, the association's chair, to the source. "There's not one word that gives any indication that anything other than Kona beans are in the package."

According to Corker, the Safeway Select blend of Kona coffee is only sold on the Mainland and doesn't feature proper labeling, which requires blends of 10 percent Kona coffee to feature a label informing consumers of the percentage.

Misleading, confusing or deceptive labels are not uncommon on food products. Typically, meat sees the most government regulations, and many other items are left loosely controlled.