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Halloween Products Could Have Scary Ingredients


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Halloween Products Could Have Scary Ingredients

With Halloween right around the corner, many Americans are preparing their costumes. However, they should be cautious when using Halloween products.

A recent report from the ecological group EcoWaste Coalition found that 42 of the 60 Halloween products they tested — ranging from toys and accessories to masks and makeup - contained poisonous chemicals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

"Our latest chemical analysis confirms the presence of toxic metals ... in Halloween products often used by kids and adults in merrymaking," said Roy Alvarez, president of EcoWaste Coalition. "The test results, we hope, will inform and strengthen the ongoing drive by the government and other sectors to rid the market of products containing dangerous chemicals."

The presence of toxic materials highlights the importance of reading labels. Parents should always check labels before buying products to ensure they are safe. Similarly, retailers need to avoid stocking products that don't come with informative labels, especially if they come from countries with no regulatory bodies.