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Half-Baked Label Laws May Discourage Texas Chefs


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Half-Baked Label Laws May Discourage Texas Chefs

Private bakeries that are run from peoples' homes in Texas may have to rethink their position if they want to stay open.

Local lawmakers recently passed a bill that requires cottage food producers — people who bake goods and sell them privately — to label their foods with their names, addresses, disclaimers and ingredients. Kelley Masters, a Cedar Park-based baker, told the Statesman that such a law would be difficult for small-time producers to comply with, as they frequently make custom orders and would need specific labels for each batch of products.

"They don't churn out cookies by the dozens and sell them in packages like the Girl Scouts do," Masters explained. "For these custom bakers who never do the same thing twice, every order would require a brand new label."

A spokesperson from the Department of State Health and Services asserts that the measure isn't meant to discourage the cottage bakery industry but to offer better protection to consumers.

Indeed, many Americans have been paying more attention to product labels, which may have been a driving factor behind the approval of the legislation.