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Grower: Consumers Deserve to Know Where Produce is From


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Grower: Consumers Deserve to Know Where Produce is From

Argentina and Brazil may be great vacation spots, but do Americans want to buy fruit that originates in these locations?

That question is up for debate, but they should at least be able to make the decision, says Teena Borek, whose family operates a tomato company called Teena's Pride. Citing data from the U.S. government, Tampa Bay Online notes that a significant portion of the produce Americans buy — $94.5 billion worth — originates in foreign countries, and local growers like Borek think product labels should do a better job of signifying that.

"Consumers have the right to know so they can make an intelligent decision on whether they want to buy local or take a chance on something grown in another country," Borek added.

"Do you want to buy green beans that have been on a truck for three weeks or ones that were harvested two days ago?" she asked.

Domestic growers believe more transparency in labeling would buoy the sale of American produce compared with its current sell-through rates.