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Group Uses DIY Approach to GMO Labels


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Group Uses DIY Approach to GMO Labels

'Just Label It Yourself' Takes Matters Into Own Hands

The latest and biggest news concerning food labels happened in California on election day. That's when the California electorate voted down Proposition 37, which would have required that food products made with genetically modified organisms would be labeled as such. Millions of dollars were pumped into the argument, with big business opposing the measure and many celebrities supporting it.

However, despite the defeat of GMO-labeling initiative, many advocate groups have not given up the fight, even if it means going into grocery stores and labeling foods with GMOs themselves. That's what the organization Just Label It Yourself has done recently.

Group Sticks On Custom Labels Using Guerilla Tactics
The group maintains a blog that shows off their not-altogether-legal practices for placing custom labels. Members of the loose-knit grassroots collective print labels from the group's home site and then discreetly stick them onto foods with suspected GMO ingredients.

The label features a play on the old skull-and-crossbones trope, picturing a skull set against two cobs of corn. But Just Label It Yourself isn't the only group spreading the word - California-based GMO Inside started just two days after Prop 37 was defeated and has the same fly-by-night labeling M.O. as Just Label It Yourself.